Remember it all starts with YOU

Hi my name is Sasha.


My absolute passion in life is astrology and seeing how planets impact our lives every day. “You have to dance beautifully in the box that you are comfortable dancing in. Everybody's box is different…it doesn't’t mean that your box isn't as beautiful as mine. It is your job to try to perfect it to make as beautiful of a canvas as you can make it”


Are you looking for your box? I will be happy to help you find it using astrology as my main tool. How am I able to do that? For example I can help you with: Figure out your main blocks, challenges that block you from living a fulfilling life.Show you what route to take and guide you in finding your true self, your passion, your talent which is not imposed to you by society but is within you. Help you create happy and satisfying relationship FIRST with yourself and then with your family, friends, collegues etc.


About my studies: I received my Masters in Astrology 4 years ago which I dedicated 6 years of studying. Overall I have 10 years of experience in astrology and would love to share it with you.

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